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Watch for articles in the Adirondack Express related to preserving and improving the quality of our waters and safe boating. During the summer months, we run ads in the local papers to remind people of actions they should take to protect and improve the quality of our waters. We encourage property owners to adhere to all NY State laws when they use fertilizers on their lawns. We highly encourage everyone, particularly visitors, to get their boats inspected for invasive species before launching them and wash, drain and dry as necessary. We run ads reminding boaters of some of the laws pertaining to navigation on the lakes. We also run ads encouraging everyone who enjoys the Fulton Chain of Lakes to join FCLA. Preserving and Protecting our waters is everyone responsibility.

Homeowner's Guide to Lake-Friendly Living (.pdf)
15 simple strategies for sustainable lakeshores & landscapes to protect The Fulton Chain of Lakes.

New York State Boater's Guide (.pdf)
A handbook of registration, operation and safety information for the prudent boater in New York State.Basic rules and regulation pertaining to navigation on the Fulton Chain of Lakes.

Fulton Chain of Lakes Assocaition Navigation Information (.pdf)
Basic rules and regualtion pertaining to navigation on the Fulton Chain of Lakes.


DEC Grants to Finance Local Projects to Eradicate Troublesome Invaders.

Aquatic Plant Survey of the Fulton Chain of Lakes (.pdf)
This report consists of summary tables, aquatic plant maps, and supplemental reference materials pertaining to the aquatic plant survey performed on the Fulton Chain of Lakes by the Adirondack Watershed Institute of Paul Smith's College.

Citizen Statewide Lake Assessment Program (CSLAP)

New York State Federation of Lakes Association

Adirondack Lakes Alliance

Adirondack Watershed Institute – Paul Smiths College

Boating – NYS Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation

Adirondack Partnership for Regional Invasive Species Management

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