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President's Update

Our world has changed significantly 2019. Last year I spoke of how blessed we were to have our slice of paradise within the 6 million acres of the ADK park, literally in our back yards. The Fulton Chain of Lakes Association’s mission to “Preserve and Protect” has not changed but may have expanded and taken on greater urgency. The physical health of our neighbors and friends is now more vulnerable and the economic health of those same neighbors is more vulnerable as well. We all have come to realize the interconnectivity of all our environments. We must be even more mindful of how we “share” our resources as part of fulfilling the association’s mission to the waters and surrounding watershed of the Fulton Chain region. Your board now asks how do we, as your lake association, be proactive in “protecting and preserving” our lakes and their ecological and human environments in such a way that we emerge stronger, bound together with greater unity of purpose. With that in mind:

  • We have continued to be active in monitoring and testing our lakes (CSLAP and CEC) to assure the continued quality of the waters of “the Chain.”

  • We extensively support, in both time and money, the work of the Adirondack Watershed Institute (AWI) monitoring our boat launches to insure that we continue to educate and inspect the watercraft entering and leaving our waters to minimize “invasive species.” In addition to the inspection points on the Fulton Chain the AWI provides a sanitation station to clean/wash boats near Inlet, NY to ensure our lakes maintain their status as one of the healthiest bodies of water in the Adirondack Park.

  • Your Association continues to actively promote safe and enjoyable boating on our lakes, working with both Hamilton and Herkimer County Sheriffs supporting water safety patrols and rescue barges. We also support the lake community with our popular Fulton Chain of Lakes area map and boating safety pamphlet.

  • The Association continues to try to provide representation and an interface between the various “stakeholders” that enjoy all the benefits of our lakes throughout our communities. • Your board puts significant, year-round time and energy into the Association BUT we need your help. Attend our board meeting, volunteer for committee work, spread the word to your neighbors and friends about the benefits of joining and supporting the Association. As our personal health and physical climate change and the recreational use of our lakes expands so do the challenges to the ecosystem. We must closely monitor these changes and be vigilantly watchful for those we cannot yet see. Many, many thanks for your continued support. Stay safe and healthy and very importantly consider and be considerate of those sharing our slice of paradise with us.

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