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The Fulton Chain of Lakes Association was founded in 1968 (fifty years ago) with a mission of protecting the waters of the Fulton Chain of Lakes in New York's Central Adirondacks. On this website you will find helpful information about our organization and how you can help us with our mission of preserving and protecting the unique environment of the Fulton Chain of Lakes and surrounding woodlands. For over the past fifty years, we have been active in matters involving both water quality and water safety on our lakes. Click here for our membership application - we hope you will join us in supporting our mission!

The Fulton Chain of Lakes is part of a river system originally dammed at Old Forge c. 1798. Water flowing through the Fulton Chain starting at 8th Lake enters the Middle branch of the Moose River at the Old Forge Dam. The North branch of the Moose River joins the Middle Branch below the dam. The river then flows past the town of Lyons falls to the Black River, northwest to Carthage then on to Watertown, and finally into the Black River Bay on Lake Ontario.

The Lower Fulton Chain starts at Old Forge Pond, travels the 1 mile channel or "Narrows" to First Lake, then to Second and Third, through a channel to Fourth Lake then past Eagle Bay and on to Inlet - a total distance of about 10 miles.

The Chain continues through to Fifth lake, from there one must portage their boat to Sixth and Seventh Lakes, which are navigable from one to the other. Eight Lake is accessible once again by portage only.

The present dam at Old Forge holds back 6.8 billion gallons of water. This reservoir is managed by the Hudson River - Black River Regulating District. In the late 1800s, the State Water Power Commission made an agreement with Fulton Chain cottage owners and recreational users to maintain the water level during the summer season, an agreement still in effect.

Please as you enjoy the lakes, be respectful of the environment and help us continue to keep our waters safe and clean.

We hope you will enjoy these waters and that you find this region of the Adirondacks as we do, a special part of our world.

Fulton Chain of Lakes

Fulton Chain of Lakes Association

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