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Fulton Chain of Lakes
Water Quality

water quality

For problems or to report abuse:
Call 369-6515
Town of Webb Police

Click here for the 2012 Water Quality Summary for the Fulton Chain of Lakes


Click here for the 2012 Fulton Second Lake Scorecard


Click here for the 2014

6th and 7th Lake Water Quality Report


Click here for the 2010 Aquatic Plant Survey of the Fulton Chain of Lakes, prepared by Paul Smith's College

Help Keep Our Water Clean
The Fulton Chain of Lakes is Protected by Law

An aggressive program of dye testing septic systems has restored the lake quality to safe levels. Legislation has been passed setting speed limits on the Chain and extending the “no wake” area for boats to two hundred (200) feet from shore to promote safety, prevent shoreline damage and reduce nuisance to property owners. We encouraged the Town of Webb to pass further legislation that established a curfew for personal watercraft on the Fulton Chain. The FCLA has been involved in the long range development planning for the area: it is vigilant in monitoring our waters for non-native invasive plants and was instrumental in establishing the Bti program that is currently used to control black flies.


Discharge sewage into the lake, its tributaries, or on frozen surfaces.
Use Soap or Detergent for any purpose in the lake, on its shore, or in its tributaries.
Discharge holding tanks into the lake.
Please do not litter our islands or shorelines.

Protect the Lake You Love

When you Fertilize your Lawn You are Fertilizing the Lake

A state law limiting the use of phosphorus lawn fertilizer took effect on January 1, 2012.  Click here for the details  posted on the DEC website.

If you live near or on a lake use as little fertilizer as possible. If it feeds your lawn it feeds algae and seaweed. Rainfall will carry fertilizer into the lake. Use ONLY No-Phosphate (middle number 0)
Fertilizer - A pound of will grow 500 pounds of algae and seaweed.
Fertilizer containing No Phosphate is available at our local hardware stores.

Be on the lookout for non-native invasive aquatic plants…

Eurasian Watermilfoil:

- Non-native plant
- Submerged plant
- Whorled leaves - an arrangement of 3 or more leaves.
- 10 leaflets per leaf
- Blunt leaf tips
- Reddish growing tip
- Flowering spike in Jul/Aug


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